Complete Death is a psychological and physical torture method where all records and traces of yourself, as well as pictures and anything you ever did in your life, are destroyed. Anything precious to you, like your favorite book or anything you like, is destroyed, and you are forced to watch as huge dragon monsters destroy all records of your life or any of your precious heirlooms. It would take days for this to happen, and during that time, you are imprisoned, and forced to eat terrible food like old casserole, expired cheese, bugs, and such. You are also made to wear rags, not allowed to bathe, and your appearance becomes untidy, you also lay in your own excrement. Everything you've ever had is destroyed by huge dragon monsters, while you are chained by humans. All traces of your family are destroyed, as well, making it like you never existed, and you never were born. You are re-educated, told you've never existed, and your memories are wiped, so that you believe it. You believe you've never existed.

Then, you are put in a casket made of very durable metal and thrown into the heat of a large volcano. You sink down to the center of the earth, but are extracted by the metal claw of a machine. Because the metal is so durable, it did not completely disintegrate, but much of your body has been terribly burned. You had been given a special pill to keep you alive longer, but you are almost dead. Then, you are thrown out of the casket, a badly burned and scarred looking individual. You are shown a mirror of yourself, and you are told that, that is always what you have looked like. You are told that you had never existed and are just a burned corpse who is kept around as a test subject. Then, you are disfigured so much that you look unrecognizable as a human being, and are told that you are neither a he nor a she, but an it, and were never a Human being, or anything. You were just an artificial being created to be tortured.

After this, you are blinded and made deaf, then kept in a dark space for days, after your memories have been wiped. You don't even notice anything, and you die, feeling like you have never existed, or not knowing anything.

After this, your remains are pulverized, disintegrated into nothing, and you get no burial, monument, or anything. It is literally as though you never had existed.