Oh Shit! is the name for a horrible, gruesome, ass-binding torture that will leave you permanently scared for the rest of your miserable life.

How toEdit

You are locked in a room, to the floor. The room is freezing fucking cold, and the ground is fucking burning hot, so your body is having a chain reaction, and you are puking up shit. Your gastric passageways open, and shit and vomit starts flying out of your face and mouth.

If you aren't dead for choking on your own turds, just watch this. A huge man in a clown suit comes in, and shoves his big fat dick in your face, and forces you to stare at his clown mask. He chokes you and sexually "douses" you in shit.

Then, you are strapped to a super-fan in a lab. The fan goes over 300,000 miles per hour. When done, you will feel horrible and like dying. If you aren't dead yet, just wait. The fun hasn't even begun.

Then, the ceiling opens up, and huge hornet nests and bees and animal shit starts falling out, right onto you. Huge slobery dogs walk out and lick you in the face and you can't move.

Then, last thing happens. You go "oh shit!" when you see it. What it is..well that's your choice.