The Sanity Eraser is where you are put in a chair like the chair dentist patients sit in. Then, you are strapped down, and cannot move out of it. You are laid back in the chair, and a helmet is placed on your head. The helmet has wires that stab into your head and it detects your brain waves, and monitors your mind. Scientists in anothe room have screens showing the monitors of the helmet, and they move dials up and down that causes high pitched sounds to be heard, and also causes you to have nightmares. You have nightmares of being ripped apart or mauled by monsters and other things, but the nightmares gradually get worse. Eventually, you see something so bad that you lose sanity, and become completely braindead. By the time this has destroyed your mind, you will have white hair from stress, and most of your body will have lost functions. You will be sitting in your own urine and feces.